Grease Pencil Dirty Converging line problems

Hello Guys today I am posting this post to ask you how do you guys
manage to clean up converging grease pencil’s line from distance
(they look good close to camera but when it starts getting far from the camera it gets really dirty…)
(I know how to hide them but … I don’t want to hide and unhide them every time when I change
the camera angle)

I was a post freestyle user and changed to grase pencil recently
In freestyle we had an option to decrease/increase the thickness depending of
the camera position & the object’s distance but I can’t seem to find it on grease pencil

I am using grease pencil’s line art parameter
any help would be really appreciated thank you in advance and have a good day !

In theory, for most cases, there is nothing to do.
GP strokes thickness is adjusted to World Space by default.
So, modifying general thickness could help.

But if you want thickness to stay as it is in foreground, you have to make a non uniform scale of thickness.
You have to use a Thickness modifier.
Of course, using Custom Curve of modifier would be too simple because you want an adaptation to camera moves.
So, you need to influence Thickness modifier by a Vertex Group defined by a Vertex Weight Proximity modifier that takes into account proximity to Camera.

So, Create a Vertex Group in GP object properties.
Then, add a vertex weight proximity modifier. Indicate vertex group and camera to use.
Then, add Thickness modifier. Precise vertex group.
Thickness Factor is only positive. So, you have to invert vertex group values.
Press a button with a double arrow, next to vertex group name in one of the modifiers.
Eventually, tweak Thickness Factor, Lowest and Highest values to obtain desired result.

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Thank you for your kind answer zeauro !

Honestly I have never used “Vertex Group” in GP object properties once in my blender life.
I tried to follow your method
1.Created Vertex Group in GP object Properties
2.Added Vertex Weight Proximity Modify to GP
2a) Indicated the vertex group created at Step 1
2b) Chosen the object as camera
3.Added Thickness Modifier to GP
4.I 've pressed the “double arrow button” which is inside of the Thickness Modifier
and I am blocked here where should I tweak the Thickness Factor ?
When I press the “double arrow button” I can’t tweak the Thickness anymore
Should I tweak the thickness factor which is inside of GP Object Properties ?
or Should I tweak the thickness factor which is inside of Lineart Properties ?

Here is the screen shot

Thickness modifier is last modifier of Deform category.
It is available since 2.80 release.

Maybe you confused modifier stack of Grease Pencil Object with modifier stack of mesh object.

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Thank you sir I’ve tested it on blender Initial File and seems working am I doing it correctly ?
I see the thickness of lines changing by tweaking the value of “Thickness Factor”
but I can’t find the lowest and highest values

I have only thickness Factor teacher I need a little more bit of lay of hand T_T

blenda.blend (1.3 MB)

It is working now thx