Grease Pencil doesn't appear in viewport (2.82a)

Wonder if someone can help me with this:
-I open a new project (General)
-I add a new Grease Pencil Object (blank)
-I enter Draw mode, start drawing and—nothing.
Even if I check the overlays, make sure the layer is visible, or switch to a different material, the stroke doesn’t appear with the pencil brush. If I switch to a different brush, such as a pen or marker, the stroke is visible while I’m drawing, but disappears when I release my mouse/stylus.

Now here’s where it gets confusing: If I load factory defaults, I no longer have this problem, and if I restore my saved user preferences, I can still draw/edit. Strangely enough, I don’t have this issue in 2.83, even though my user settings and enabled addons are exactly the same in both versions.

Any idea what’s causing this?

Just tried repeating the steps as you listed them and got a stroke, a gp layer was added automatically.

Likely something specific to your system, but whether it is hardware or blender config related I can’t tell.

There was no default material created though, perhaps that is affecting you somehow.

Well, I managed to fix it. I restored factory settings, restored my saved preferences, and saved it as my startup file.