Grease pencil draw mode brushes shortcut keys

So Grease pencil is great, but in the latest build shortcut keys to switch brushes (1 - 0 ) do not seem to work anymore, and having to switch brushes using the interface tab is very slow and tedious.
is there at least a way to create these shortcuts manually?

(would also appreciate if there was a way to create my own brush presets)

Thank you.

It does not seem to exist an operator to directly call a specific brush.

I only found a brush_select operator.

But, with that, you can only call a tool category of brush and them cycles through brushes of this category.

I would like to know how to call a brush by its name, too.

Thanks , I guess that is something . I think I would have to write an addon to let me bind keys to cycle between materials and brushes.
I’m still very much a noob at addon writing and I only learn a little from Jaynam and what little updated documentation I can find.