Grease Pencil Draw ON Surface IN Sphere over camera

using Blender 2.8.3 beta, previously was using 2.8 newest. 2.8 performance was lackluster for Grease Pencil.

Drawing Spherical illustrations using guides of UV Spheres wire frames to be baked out as an equirectangular image.

Looking for a good way to set up the purpose with little to no bugbears of irritation from the behaviour of the 3d App.

In this image I have 3 UV Spheres aligned to show their poles to produce a spherical grid. I dont know the technical term for these off hand. I have used them in VR before but not in 2d/3d software.
Each sphere has a wires modifier on it for design of grid. This image shows high contrast for explainer purposes.

The “Stroke Placement” is set to surface.

In practice I can omit the modifiers and stick to one sphere and get the same technical issues.


  • Without a baked image for the grid you can only begin a drawing on the wiremesh, it wont register a surface otherwise. Makes sense somewhat.
  • As seen in the side by side image the large blue pencil stroke uses the cameras 3D object as a surface and lands the line on its origin and or the little triangle indicator. This happens if I cross over the line in camera view or out of as well.
  • I dont see a menu item within Blender to move my 3d View camera sans 3d Object camera to the center of an object or at least back to position 0,0,0
  • I can change the Active Camera to an object but that makes “Fly Mode” the object itself which breaks the grid
  • Surface Offset does not allow negative, so the mesh is overlapping the Grease Pencil lines
  • Depending on how close to the center of the 3d view is to 0,0,0 when navigating around, grease pencil wont register painting at all, or gets really slow and wont show the line until you release
  • Drawing a line will show a wider line before I release the mouse, then it pops to the intended line width
  • Is there no quick return to Draw mode when exiting vertice edit mode from tab key?!

I have tried this with two different computer with and without a wacom tablet.
I know I am using it Waaaaaay far from its intended purpose

I find the Camera being treated as a 3d mesh surface to be a bug so I submitted that into their bug tracker