Grease pencil fill tool. Create boundary stroke without using alt key?

I have ‘emulate 3 button mouse’ set up to use alt. I’d like to keep it that way if possible. I also need to draw boundary strokes to contain the grease pencil fill. Normally you’d draw with the left mouse button while holding alt, but that conflicts with the 3 button mouse emulation.

Is there any other way to draw a boundary stroke from the fill tool?

“emulate 3 button mouse” is a preference to change a shortcut.
If you encounter conflicts, you can simply remap shortcut for boundary stroke creation in Grease Pencil section of keymap configuration.

Fill Area tool does not have option to only draw boundary strokes, you can choose to fill an area delimited by boundary strokes only, by edit lines only or both, by default.
But left click correspond to area filling.

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thanks for the reply. that helps. i’m having trouble finding which shortcut i need to disable to prevent the view changing when i press alt and LMB click to try to draw a boundary stroke with the fill tool, none of the ones i tried seem to have any effect. any pointers much appreciated!

You can change alt key to OS key for Emulate 3 Button Mouse option.

Or you can remap Boundary Lines shortcut to something else.

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