"Grease Pencil" forum?

Would it be possible to add a Grease Pencil-specific forum heading in the Support category?

I feel that the current headings all kinda miss the mark for GP-specific questions.

Thanks! :+1:


Yeah, I agree too. As the grease pencil is a big tool too.

@Fweeb what do you think?

Personally, I would prefer that folks take more advantage of the #greasepencil tag on their posts. That way, if you’re having trouble with the interface, you can post in #support:basics-interface, but with the #greasepencil tag. Likewise, if your issue is about animating with Grease Pencil, then you can post in #support:animation-and-rigging.

Grease Pencil objects are fantastic and 3D drawing in Blender is awesome. I love using it myself. However, it’s not like we have a specific category for mesh or curve objects.

What is we renamed the #support:modeling category to “Modeling, Sculpting, and Drawing”?


Seems reasonable to me. :man_shrugging:

Good point,
But if someone wants to learn the GP, and looks for reference, the topics will be spread out over a wide range of forums, but if there is a GP specific forum, the topics are in a single place.

But I’m fine with either outcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder if we should start to enforce use of tags in these categories; that will also make them easier to discover. Try creating a post in the #general-forums:events category to see what that would look like.

You could still access #greasepencil to see all GP posts across different categories. The question is more how we make this easier to discover?


I think tag enforcement would be really helpful… especially if there’s a note that gives forum members a gentle reminder that tags exists, are useful, and should definitely be used.

Of course, the other half of the equation is making it more common to search the forum by tag as well. I’m not quite sure how to address that other than by setting the example and using tags in our own posts as much as we can.


I support this Idea.
I mean, there still is a Game Engine part of this forum and it’s not even an official part of Blender anymore.
I feel that tags are a useful tool, but I don’t see them as a final solution. Grease Pencil should have it’s own category. In my humble opinion.


There’s a plan to re-integrate the posts in those categories with the rest of the forum.

We’ve had this plan for three years now :joy: What do we need to do to kickstart this?

Probably just sit down and do it. @bartv, the workload is, unfortunately, mostly on you since I don’t think I have to create categories or do large batch moves efficiently.

I’ll dig up the thread with the proposed move and review it to see if anything has changed and what specific things I can do to ease your burden.

A brand new EMPTY forum would be fine by me: the app has changed enough that I don’t want to be seeing years old posts detailing issues that have been long addressed.