Grease pencil help ! Drawing erase everything on layer :(

Hello everyone ! I’m beginning to use grease pencil & I have a big problem with it !
I did this drawing and for some reason now each I try to draw or fill on each layer, every thing on the layer is erased !
I can’t find a way to solve that, I tried in edit mode to select everything and to do a grease/clean up/ reproject on front but it doesn’t help !!!

look here:

Any ideas of what is happening ? It happened already and I can’t figure what’s happening… Note that I’m a beginner so I may have clicked somewhere I shouldn’t :frowning: :frowning: there’s so many options hahah !

Thanks for your help…

AHHH I found out what’s happening… It’s when you move in the timeline, drawing creates a new keyframe… maybe it can help other newbies like me hahaha !!

Yeah ! there is also a little checkbox on the layer, it disables the keyframes animation and keeps the drawing on the last visible keyframe when you’re drawing or erasing

Hey thanks dedouze ! :slight_smile: and thanks so much for your tutorial on youtube it helped so much :slight_smile:
bravo pour tes dessins ça déboite ça inspire et ça donne envie d’apprendre encore plus ! bonne continuation