Grease Pencil - How do I keep all grease pencil lines visible from the start to the end frame?

Scrubbing through the blocks, the grease pencil guide/sketch/marking disappears. How do I keep drawn grease pencil markings always visible from the first to the very last frame?

Notice how many of the greased marks disappear:
Note: some grease pencil markings started on the second frame like the hip marker, but how do I keep in on screen after that point moving forward down all the way to the final frame

Secondly is there a way to draw perfect circular arcs using the grease pencil?

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I’m new to grease pencil so not sure about the first part of the question, but regarding this part

I was watching this video and I remembered your question, it’s not a very detailed tutorial but it might point you in the right direction

Thanks. Appreciate that. I’ll have to see if the video will help when I get a chance.

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awesome, my pleasure!