Grease pencil in 2.8

Can’t get grease pencil drawing to become a usable mesh object. I’ve watched several tutorials but things that are done in the tutorials just don’t work when I do the EXACT same steps. I can convert a drawing to a curve, but that’s all. Can’t extrude the drawing or anything else. There aren’t any error messages. It just doesn’t change the drawing. Any suggestion for a good tutorial would be welcome.

You should still be able to convert curves into meshes, so after you convert the grease pencil object into a curve, convert that curve into a mesh.

Just select the points and create a face first. You can see the process in the first min
of this video:

I made a plugin to make that whole process way faster (that vid and another vid of updated quickdraw on my channel) but just to answer your question, its really as simple as cleaning up the curves and filling to create a face.

2.8 devs made a mistake.
They called “Convert to Meshes” conversion of a GP stroke to a Poly Spline.
But that is a spline type of a Curve Object, not a mesh made of edges.

You can only directly convert a GP stroke to a mesh by using an addon like quickdraw or Bsurfaces.
And Curves objects can be converted to Meshes.
I wrote a bugreport.

But like I said, it doesn’t DO the convert curve to mesh function (if that curve is from a grease pencil line originally). I can convert curves to meshes for regular curve objects without problems. But if I start with a grease pencil drawing, then convert that to a curve, then the last step (curve to mesh) does nothing. No error, but it just does nothing. The curve stays a curve.

After a conversion of a GP object to a Curve, GP object is not removed and stays active object of selection.
You have to select created curve into outliner and then do mesh conversion on that object.