Grease Pencil in color

Hi guys,
I dont really know where to post this.

But I’ve seen that video few days ago

and I’ld like to be able to do that in blender and be enjoyable.
for that I need to be able to draw grease pencil strokes in color.
Do you think that can be done in python by addon or i would need to dvp smt inside blender?
Or it’s possible already.

If it’s possible in python i might dvp it.

Thanks guys

Its possible already. Its under Grease Pencil Colors in the Properties shelf.

thanks for the reply @cmomoney,
but if I do that that will change the color of the the layer, not the color of the stroke
I want to be able to asing color to strokes not layers

Here you go :slight_smile:

that’s it!
thanks a lot
I wonder why i was focus on the Color Layer panel :\
and do you think that it possible to convert the strokes in meshes?
I mean like not just a line, real quads witch actually really represent the exact aspect of the stroke not just the center.

It´s easy to miss, because the panel only pops open once you have actually drawn something; you can´t select stroke color before you have started drawing. :slight_smile:
As far as converting GP to mesh, here´s some good reading and viewing:

you may want to look into the freehand sketching feature, since you can get the same results much quicker with it. (It´s basically sketching with 3d strokes.)

Thanks @PixelPete it’s really cool
I could process that way it’s going to be a bit tedious but that can do the job,

I was thinking about developing an interface more like for painter, a bit like Quill (I think blender could handle it):

I found this :

Maybe I can start from there with python
What do you guys think?