Grease Pencil in image editor slots

i was wondering if its possible to have separate grease pencil drawings on each of the slots numbers in the view editor, simply pot i want to write down notes on rendered frames in slots for fine tuning samples.

any ideas? :o

If you mean the layer settings on the 3d view header then you cannot put grease pencil slots on layers.

If you want to see different grease pencil layers you can turn on/off their visibility (eye icon). You can also keyframe these (RMB or I) to turn on/off each layer at a particular frame


Don’t know if this can help You.

If You select a slot and add a object…Eg…A plane…Then in N -Panel - Grease Pencil Layers…Select Object instead of Scene.

Press D and draw…Now the drawning is assigned to that plane/Layer…And it will show the drawning when selected.
You can do the same for all other slot…This is a work around not sure You can use it.


Basically i’m searching for a way to draw on each Slot using the grease pencil, but every time i do that it project the same drawing on every slot in the image editor



Sorry I did not read You right.

You use the timeline to change Renderslot.

In Timeline…Click frame 1…Paint in viewport…Click the little Camera in menuline…Render active viewport.
It will render viewport to slot 1.

Click another frame in timeline…And draw…Render viewport…etc.

Just remember to change slot in Image Editor…:slight_smile:

If You want to write note to Your frames…Would it be easier to draw note direct in the actual frame…?

Hope I got it right this time…Puff Puff


The idea was to pot notes on the cycle renders not the openGL renders, so i can mark settings and changes in general. your solution is a good idea for storyboard and cutouts, but need to render PBR shaders and write notes on the rendered frame using the grease pencil.


There is the Metadata in Properties - Render - Metadata.

You can use the…Note - in stamp Output…To write Your note’s to show in render F 12.

Hope this can solve it…At least I hope i get You right…Puff Puff


Thanks Taipan this might solve it i’ll check it out