Grease Pencil lagging out a few hundred frames in

I’m working on the my first ever animation and am using greasepencil for it. Everything was going great up until i hit around 600 frames, where blender began to lag out, not register strokes and teleport my pen around. I made sure to check that it wasn’t my tablet, which it isn’t, and also to try it on a new blend file. I reckon it’s something to do with the length of the animation, but I want to avoid splitting it into multiple files.
It’s getting basically unusable at 700 frames, but it seems odd that a program made to handle things like this would be this bad. Anyone have a fix? Would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

No fix, but grease pencil works fine for me up to 1200+ frames. Haven’t done any longer scenes than that.

I you have a file you can share it would helpful for someone trying to troubleshoot it.

it could just be my computer, but i doubt it. it’s pretty good normally.

heres the file in any case :slight_smile:

Only did a super quick test with mouse with few frames over +700 range. Didn’t notice any issues with unresponsivness on my end with a 10 year old 2600k and 1060.

Grease pencil without a lot of effects is very light on resources. AMD hardware tends to have more bugs with it so that’s my best guess atm if you happen to have one. What are the specs of you computer?

I have a gtx 980 8gb of ram and an i5 7th gen. I know it’s not the greatest but most of the time its ok, so it’s odd for it to be playing up on such a non-intensive scene.
oh and also, my pen tends to play up alot more than my mouse. by alot more I mean that i wasnt able to really find a problem with my mouse, but my pen is getting unusable.
Maybe it’s just blenders support for pens?

They recently changed the API used for tablets with Windows, if that’s what you are running -you can try in input preferences (Wintab or Windows Ink).