Grease pencil layer channels disappear in timeline

don’t know how i ended up in this situation but no channel appear in the timeline, therefore i can’t edit my key frames. animation is still playing back, but can’t see any key frame, even if my grease pencil object is selected.
i’ve tryed to toggle some options in the timeline menu but i’m kind of stuck here… help!

for now i just copy paste the gp object in a new scene and everything is back.
but if you know what append with the timeline i’m still interested

try that:

or that:

oh yeah totaly make sense.
what happen to me his i hit ctrl+tab when my mouse was over my timeline (usuelly it’s the shortcut for toggle edit/draw mode when you’re on the draw window)
hiting ctrl+tab again toggle my timeline to the previous state, so i can correct that very quick

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Thank you so much for that. I knew I must have hit a short cut, and ctl tab one of the most used. Everything is back.