Grease pencil 'line' not sticking to surface except at endpoints.

Is this a bug or just a limitation? Seems kind of limiting for organic surfaces…

works fine for me. are you sure you have ‘surface’ checked in your properties panel?

yeah, only the end-points stick to the surface in line or poly mode whether I have the ‘end points’ only checked or not.
My current version is 2.71.
I just tested it in an earlier 2.70a build with a new project and just a cube. It has the same problem.
If somebody has a blend file with an example of it working then that might help me figure out the problem on my end. (ie post your blend file)

Let’s test to see if with default everything , it can work for you

  • Load Blender and click on File -> Load Factory Settings then confirm

  • in the 3D View press N, scroll down until you see the Grease Pencil panel, click on the “New Layer” button :

  • now enable “Surface”

  • Hold D and draw with the grease pencil on the default cube

  • it should work , if i rotate the view, i see the grease pencil stroke have been following the surface :

Is this working for you ?

I think he’s talking about the line which is drawn with D+Ctrl+LMB

Ah i see, while not ideal i think this is actually the way the grease pencil is working in Blender : regular drawing with grease pencil create a lot of points during a stroke, while line stroking only create 2 points, the start and the end one.

It can be observed when doing a normal draw stroke and a line stroke then convert into path/curve

In those conditions, unfortunately the line strokes can’t snap to the surface, they’re only taking start/end points in account.