Grease Pencil Merge in Blender 2.8


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Please pardon the multi-post, is anyone else aware that Blender 2.8 does not yet give Data Blocks when you press “Push Down” in the dopesheet? Is there anything I am missing?

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This button works as intended. It pushed down action to new NLA track as an action strip to let you create and edit a new action.
But you can still edit previous action by selecting action strip in NLA and pressing Tab key.
It is basics of Non Linear animation in Blender.

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I am going to sound blind by asking about this, but when I press “Push Down” in the action editor, I do not see an action strip. You have probably already explained this, but may I ask where to look?

…To be clear, I would ask about this on Blender Stack Exchange, but I have been question banned, either due to too many downvotes, karma decay, or both.

Edit, minutes later: WAIT, DO NOT ANSWER THAT! FOUND IT!!!

Edit 2, minutes after the last: The problem here is that I was used to seeing the actions being pushed down into data blocks in the same menu, not a separate menu, and this was 2.79, as I am currently working with 2.8 builds.
…What I had neglected to see was that NLA had it’s own menu, from the same drop-down used to access windows like Video Sequence Editor and 3D viewport.

Thanks for explaining this.

Edit 3, hours later: I have found that, when using the NLA editor, checking and un-checking the sync option helps whenever you edit things in there, from the position of data blocks to the keyframes inside. Pressing the “Sync Now” button, from what I have determined so far, does nothing in comparison, because if you fail to check and un-check, when you scrub through the timeline, the data blocks will, for whatever reason stop working, though this does not apply to moving the data blocks themselves past the frame indicator itself. I hope this proves informative, but please keep in mind, I have been proven incorrect before.

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Have a look at this post for Blender Cycles & Blender Internal setups for flat shaded 3D models:

Be aware Blender Internal will disppear in future Blender versions. Blender Eevee will certainly have a similar solution/node setup as Cycles for flat shaded rendering.



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Any chance we can get this kind of brush?
This is from opentoonz:


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Earlier in the thread there was a question about the GP objects reacting to lighting, casting shadows to 3d objects etc (in eevee). I know it’s not implemented yet, but does anyone know if it’s planned in the future (or already in the works)? For me it seems like a fairly crucial thing in order to effectively work together with both 2d and 3d elements.

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I want to ask here for the sake of safety, am I doing this wrong? I have been attempting to use armatures to move, scale and rotate grease pencil objects, and it works fine…until I attempt to move the bones individually. Even worse, weight paint mode does not quite appear when I select the armatures last, only the grease pencil objects last, which results in no response at all, just a short visibility of what is weighted, based on the last armature used in pose mode. Am I doing something wrong?

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Actually, you can create a straight line, subdivide it in edit mode and bend it using proportional editing or other editing tool.
I don’t really understand why Line tool is creating cyclic closed strokes. You have to go to Stroke menu -Toggle Cyclic.
A more direct and simpler tool would be welcomed.

Nothing is wrong. Old Weight Painting workflow is just not working.
Due to multi-object editing (new ability to have object of same type in edit mode, or weight paint, pose mode…) you can no longer have an object in weight paint mode and another in pose mode simultaneously.
Problem is the same with meshes and armatures.
You have to select active weight group in properties instead of bone to do same thing, for the moment.

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Please excuse me for sounding like an idiot, may I ask how that works? Do I just select the grease pencil object before looking for active weight groups in place of the armatures? I just want to know before I start fumbling in the dark.

I just want to try this out so much.

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In Object Data tab of Grease Pencil object, there is a Vertex Groups panel with a list.
Instead of selecting a bone from armature to switch from a vertex group to another one, just click on its name in the list while Grease Pencil object is active and in Weight Paint mode.

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Thank you so much. I will do my best to figure out the rest from here.

Edit: Before the deformations would show. (I know this is getting bothersome.) Now, they will not, mainly not beyond the basic move, rotate and scale in Object Mode. In Pose Mode, the armatures will not deform the Grease Pencil Object, and I have weight-painted it. If anyone wants screenshots or videos, please let me know.