Grease Pencil Question - convert to multiple curves?

Anyone know if its possible to convert a grease pencil strokes to multiple bezier curves instead of connecting them all into one long curve?

Yes, User Preferences > Addons > Mesh > BSurfaces GPL Edition . Enable that, create a plane or some other object, draw some grease pencel curves, with the object still selected, tab into edit mode. Over on the tool panel, down near the bottom hit ‘edit strokes’. Now your grease pencil marks have become editable curves.

Thanks! That’s I was looking for - However they don’t seem to be ‘independent’ of each other. My goal is to try to use independent curves as guides for particle hair, and it appears that the curves need to be separate.

In edit mode, hit A to unselect all, hover mouse over curve, hit ‘L’ to select all of that curve’s vertices, the ‘P’ separate by selection.

Same “one object”-result as the Bsurfaces tip, but still: When you’ve performed the GP Convert, simply uncheck “link strokes” in the T-panel / F6-menu.

Thanks for the responses, one last issue (hopefully)! The only problem is that the resulting curves don’t seem to be bezier - they don’t have the tangent handles or arrows along their length that the bezier curves have when created from Shift-A menu. Wondering if there is a way to convert them to this kind of curve in order to work as a hair guide.

While the selected curve is into edit mode, in T-panel there is curves menu in there you will find Set Spline Type, you can choose from there.

OK, the last problem was just that new curves created this way have all their handles and normals turned off (in the N-Panel->Curve Display).

Thanks for the help!