grease pencil question

is it possible to draw on consecutive frames of an animation and have all marks appear in one layer atop the animation?

What I would like to do is place a mark on each frame of a character’s hand moving in order to track the arc of the motion. If the hand motion is 15 frames, I’d like to have 15 dots on the screen showing the 15 different positions of the hand in order to connect the dots with a line to show me the arc of the motion. Sort of like putting a sheet of clear plastic on my monitor screen and using a marker to track the motion.

You can turn on “onion skin” and set the “g step” value high enough to display all the frames at once.
Better yet to use “motion paths” option in the pose mode edit list with the bone in question selected.

There’s also a space handler script called “trajectory” with is bundled with Blender. I’m not sure if it works currently or not.

“motion path” does the work for me! Didn’t know this existed, thanks Pappy!