Grease pencil roadmap

Whats in store for the future of Grease pencil? What stuff are the devs planning on adding to it?

As someone who uses blender + GP in production in our studio, I’d love to know too. We actually started using 2.8 for parts of production (we can easily jump back if things break), since drawings don’t need to be converted to curves anymore to be animated; GP has the Build modifier in 2.8.

However, no matter how nice it is, the GP Build modifier lacks the easiness that curves have in the tool of the Bevel Factor:


With this property, the curve thickness/length can be animated, paused, animated again, in any speed, on the fly. Changing timing is very fast. Because it keyframes the length of the thick curve, and not the speed of the animation.

Theoretically, all this can be done with the Build modifier, but it’s much more time consuming, especially when timing needs fixes. We think the GP Build modifier can be extremely powerful if it can also behave similar to the curve’s Bevel factor.

Sorry if it seems like I’m trying to hijack your thread. But for us this would be great production savior. So we hope to see GP going in this direction.