Grease pencil sketching in 3D like gravity sketch possible?

to my understanding when you sketch with grease pencil (not over any 3d surface) that your sketch is 2d on a plane

is there a way to sketch more like in 3D like with gravity sketch ?

here is a basic gravity sketch tut

with a VR headset you can move your arm in 3d and thus draw in 3d

on an iPad it seems to not have the same fluid experience

I am just curious I somebody played with this more?

I have not done much grease pencil stuff

Not yet, for VR.
I have no VR equipment. But I found the answer in talk about grease pencil of last Blender Conference.

Currently, you have to define a stroke placement and a drawing plane to place stroke in 3D viewport.
Then, you can sculpt strokes according to drawing plane (it can be view plane or 3D cursor orientation) or edit them like meshes.
So, experience is similar to Ipad demo.

Ok good nothing missed then

Looking forward to how VR cokes close to blender