Grease Pencil Tool Workflow

In line with the BUI, this is how the flow for the greace pencil will/should look like.

Unfortunatelly, I can only attach 3 files here, the flow will ctu in post 2 and 3

feed-back is very, very welcome.

This is a trial of how presenting solutions about the BUI and all of the requests

To be frankly brave, I think in this way all requests can be solved by the BUI design. I am open for challenges!

Kindest regards


Thats create a super slow worflow

hey hikaru,

Thanks so much for your feedback

If you say the workflow is slow, that means I have failed to explain the tool and work flow properly, damn.

Basically, if you want to use the grease pencil tool, you click “once” LMB on the icon, you hover out of the little submenu into the 3d view and you can start using the tool (by double click drag!). one click!? can’t be slow?
If you then want to change the settings, you press Keyb N (or press the N icon on top of the pannel) -> change settings -> keyb N -> done.

The red blink is just there initially to warn new users there is a notification. intuitively, people will click on it and it will read something like:

Numbers/Notification Pannel

  • To use the greace pencil tool,
    double click and drag in the 3d viewport.
  • change the settings here
    or go to menu -> tools -> greasepencil
  • press Keyb N to close this pannel
    action: do not show this message again: __ (-> next time you click grease pencil it will no longer blink red)
    Grease pencil Settings:
    what els is there
    that you can set
    other tool setting
    that is not used

I use a lot the grease pencil to draw guidelines for my model and animation and i feel that D+Click is sueper fast

I went to the link you provided but saw nothing there that indicated that the toolbar was going to become an icon only strip. Are you assuming that is qoing to happen, are you asking for it t happen, or are you William Reynish?

AH, that’s so funny, cause the ‘Keyb D’ would actually be the shortcut key for the double klick. But let’s stick to the basics first.