Grease Pencil Under Used?

I don’t know how much GE people use the grease pencil, but it is a great help when you are stuck on a project. It helps get the gears turning, atleast for me. I use it to draw out levels that I have no idea where to go with. I even hand draw a map on paper, scan it into an image, then trace it with the grease pencil.

Just thought I would throw that out there. . .



To me grease pencil = nothing.

before my graphics card blew up on me few weeks back, I had been using blender for a number of year, and I rarely encountered any piece of information which would say a thing or two about the grease pencil, now that you mention it I think of it as an incredibly useful tool, I always did in fact, I simply never bothered to see how it works… damn was I really that lazy? :smiley:

I used it for in-file remarks.

I find it useful but partly not that userfriendly. Maybe I need more practice.

I had to look up the 2.5x way of using the grease pencil.

CTRL + D + LMB + Drag Mouse = line draw
D + LMB = Free Draw. . .

So awkward.

Thanks for introducing me to this. I hadn’t noticed it before, but it is good for planning out levels.

the line fuxia here also done with grease pencil , or only the line green ?

PS: i tried a bit it, to make a map , seem more simple use a mesh .
i not like

For caves, it is just brilliant:

  1. Draw the cave-structure in grease-pencil
  2. Convert to curve
  3. Convert to mesh
  4. Add ‘Skin’ modifier
  5. add Subsurf, remesh and displace modifiers to make it more cave-like.

And for sketching organic level outlines (lakes and such) it is also really good. It wouldn’t be quite so great for indoor scenes though.

Very good idea

Thanks for introducing this to me, as well. I think it will prove exceptionally useful for planning out the maps for Valchion.