Grease to geomerty - Argh!

Hi folks. I thought I’d download 2.78, seems to make sense using the latest.

I’ve not played with the grease pencil before, so thought I’d give it a go. Then I thought I’d try turning the pencil marks into geometry. Following the very limited help for this I’m getting nowhere. Whatever I try, when I click the Convert to and select any of the options I get ‘strokes have no valid timing data’.

I don’t want any timing data. I’ve turned off timing data in the Convert panel, still the same, etc, etc.

I have in the past say and watched people use the pencil to create geometry with ease, so I’m obviously missing something. It’s not at all what I’d call intuitive, can someone please point me to a decent tutorial, or just explain the very basics?


I am not a grease pencil expert either, but after your question I took a look and found out: go to user preferences/editing and change the manhattan distance. this is the distance which blender uses between the points which are created when you click “Convert to geometry”. Default is 1 px which is very small. And I think the euclidean distance is about curve behaviour, but am not sure right now. The result of conversion is either a curve or a mesh, depending of your choice. I recommend to create a curve first and edit it to prevent useless vertex creation. Even look at the draw options wether you want to draw on surface or not. Remember, hold the d-key pressed to draw or click on drawing. I was never confronted with timing data yet…I hope that helped a little…

Furthermore you can use Bsurfaces for retopo as well as for modeling purposes. I recommend Youtube Tutorials, keywords Bsurfaces, retopo grease pencil. A main part is definitely the manhattan and euclidean distance…