GreasePencil instanced keyframes?

Hello everyone!
I have a quick question concerning GreasePencil. Is there anyway to duplicate Clone/Instance a keyframe?
In short If I’ve done a drawing on frame 1 that I’ve duplicated on frame 10. Is there a way if I need to change frame 1, to have the changes reflect automatically on frame 10?
Can’t find an option to do that. It’d be an awesome timesaver…
If anyone has any ideas it’d be cool!


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Blender does not have Instanced frames.

For an armature of a 3D character, you can create an action and re-use the entire action.
But Grease Pencil animation abilities are relatively recent. Grease Pencil does not have the action strips.
You can loop animation by using a Time Offset modifier. But that is probably too heavy for one frame.

In sculpt mode and edit mode, you can use multiframe editing to deform strokes of both frames as one.
But when multiframe editing is activated, you can not draw new strokes.
You can copy/paste strokes from one frame to another one.
But if you want exactly same frame, the easiest thing to do is : make your changes in frame, delete outdated copies,then, copy and paste new pertinent frame.

Thank you for the very clear and thorough response!
I’m going to end up copying and pasting it’s probably the easiest.
It’s a shame though, it could be a great timesaver…
Thanks so much again!


I miss this feature too. But there is kind of a workaround that I find pretty convenient (even though it looks a little hacky) You basically add a time offset modifier to your GP object and set it to fixed frame, then you animate the modifier’s value or even better use a driver empty to controll it. You can add more than one modifier and use their filters in order to only effect specific layers/ colours/ vertexgroups. I made a demo clip some while ago that might explain it better…

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This is so great thanks!!! So much to learn it makes my head spin…

so guys whats up , 2 years later …

is there anything ? this really needs to be implemented before anything else in gp. its a standard feature of any 2d animation prog and a techniqu used since the first shorts from disney. all the other nice features are handy and awesome but this really need the spotlight since 2d animators depend on this system quite a bit.

edit: it would also make the import export between differet animtion softwares and blender possible.

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Well. Since 2 years, multiframe editing has been improved.
Nowadays, we can draw additional strokes.
So, all methods to modify frames are supported by multiframe editing.

The problem is still that you have to select all concerned frames before the multiframe editing and don’t forget one.

Ability to add, remove, merge and duplicate GP Layers from dopesheet has been added.
So, in theory, you can use them as instanced frames by animating with their opacity.
Instead of dealing with GP strokes frames for one layer, you are dealing with keyframes for opacity of this layer.
But downside is that you can end-up with too much layers to deal with.

During those 2 years, GP developers redesigned some basics of animation with GP, improved editing of drawing (Curve Editing, Fill tool), SVG Import/Export, PDF export and Non Photorealistic Rendering of 3D objects via LineArt modifier and other new modifiers for GP objects.
But they did not start to mess up with dependency graph to support this kind of 2D animation stuff.