Great advertising.

This is an advertising for unbreakable glass. The money is real :slight_smile: If you can break the glass you get the money :slight_smile:
A lot of people are tried, but none of them succeeded…

(In fact there was only 500$ of real money, the rest was fake. and there were guards not really far away. the goal of the advertising was to film people trying to break the glass with base ball batts etc… )

Here’s my friends and I after our attempt (failed, sadly)

Photo here

Lol !
:slight_smile: (don’t forget that you want the money not their ashes)

The money is real

sorry, the money was not real :frowning:

a few real ones on top, the rest was play money

Awww man i want that advertising here in my country.

i would have so much fun trying to break the glass, :smiley:

I am sure i would find a way. and better still i would get on TV


Two words:
sympathetic resonance

And a few more words to go with them:
Use a signal generator and a speaker to cause

A couple of racks of big 1300W RMS band speakers should do the trick…
Eiter that or a Anti-Tank Rifle (my grandad has on circa WWII… don’t think it works though :frowning: ) I figure if they can punch a hole clean through 2 inches of solid steel, gotta do some damage to that…
Surely SOMEONE would have tried a gun?

personally i would not try smash it but rather cut it. or drill it :wink:


make a nice coffee table :slight_smile:

I read on another site that people were only allowed to use their hands or their feet (although when the guy swung a bat at it and it did nothing the security guards allowed it), and they were told in advance that even if they did break it they wouldn’t be able to keep the money…

It was eventually broken by someone who managed to kick and break a latch on the side, and it was all removed by security, considering it “cheating”…

When I worked for the Navy, I knew a guy that had a project supporting one of the ammunition storage sites. They were developing doors and locking mechanisms to safeguard munitions (everything from small arms to the largest non-nuclear explosives).

The goal is not to make it indestructible (nothing is), but to make sure that security forces were close enough to respond within the time it would take to break in.

They would use Special Forces demo units to test the locking mechanisms. The only rules were that they couldn’t use nukes and they couldn’t destroy the contents of the bunkers. Everything else was wide open. The time limits were usually 30 minutes to 4 hours. Drilling through the lock was a typical tactic. The counter is to have reinforced, heavy rods that fall into holes and jam the door if the lock is drilled. Hinges were also a target area, but I don’t remember how those were reinforced.

That’s an ingenious advertiseing concept…until it finally breaks.

Then, you just blame the manufacturer of the hinges and declare success.