Great Books

Alright, haven’t seen this in a search either so here goes, What is the best book you have ever read? For me it was Tom-Clancy Op-Center. I read a lot of novels and Tom-Clancy more than anything. Please don’t kill me if this has already been posted.

My favorite book series is probably the Magic the Gathering series. I get a lot of insperation for my works in those books. The odyssey cycle is the one I recomend most. :smiley:

This is gonna sound kinda lame but i loved the Halo books that were released after the game… I found in really easy to get into the action, and the gore was described in all its disgusting perfection!

K, I don’t want to sound like an old timer, but “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Hemmingway is the best book I ever read. If you guys want to get off the easy reading and get into a novel that can truly make your mouth dry with it’s realism then read it. It doesn’t just entertain you like a saturday morning cartoon, it changes the way you feel.

/me waits patiently for the inevitable “the bible”.

Best book. “Coping successfully with Agoraphobia”

Of course the Bible is the best Book ever but were talking aside from religious writings.

Lord of the Rings, of course! :smiley: I like other books though. I read a lot of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook novels. Great thread!

I’d say books like Lord of the rings and Chronicles of Narnia, i’ve also heard of other great series like “A series of unfortunate events”.

As far as novels go that I’ve enjoyed lately:

Aldous Huxley’s Island.
A bunch of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. novels. Cat’s Cradle and Breakfast of Champions stand out right now.
“Kilgor Trout’s” Venus on a Halfshell. That was really strange to read for obvious reasons for those that know about that book.
Richard Bach’s Illusions.

While I know it’s not a novel per se, I’ve started reading On the Road from Jack Kerouac. It’s kind of a stylistically weird read. Don’t know if I’ll finish it yet.

I was thinking about reading Atlas Shrugged from Ayn Rand, but I’m not sure if I feel like digging into anything hyper-conservative at the moment. The Fountainhead was a good read though.

There are a lot of books I like.

I’ve been reading some Steinbeck lately, he’s very good.

If you like science fiction you should read Philip K. Dick.

Not long ago I read “Brave New World” for the second time. That’s a very interesting book. Aside from its fascinating ethical and philosophical ideas, it also has some interesting artistic points: there’s one chapter made up almost entirely of sentences from disconnected conversations.

Sherlock Holmes is also good. The one I read most recently was “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons.” The interesting thing about Sherlock Holmes is that, unlike modern mysteries, only a few of them involve murder, and some of them don’t even involve crime.

If you like books of photography I recommend this book I got for my birthday called “The Smaller Majority.” It’s a collection of photographs of small animals, mostly insects, but also frogs and lizards and snakes and such. Some really beautiful photos and animals.

In non-fiction, Carl Sagan’s “Demon-Haunted World” was an excellent book. You should read it, if you haven’t. It’s about science, skepticism, and the state of science in modern culture.

“Museum of Hoaxes” by Alex Boese is an amusing little book as well. It’s a history of famous hoaxes.

“Just for Fun,” by Linus Torvalds. This speaks for itself. If you don’t think it speaks for itself, then you wouldn’t like it.

“The Devouring Fungus.” This book is out of print, but it’s nice if you can find it. It’s a book of computer humor, a lot of it from the “good ol’ days” of giant mainframes.

Comics anthologies: Get Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, and Bloom County. If you weren’t around in the 80’s (I wasn’t), then not everything in Bloom County makes sense, but a lot of it still does! Also books of New Yorker cartoons are excellent.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. I’ll be back.

My favourite would be “In the country of the blind” by Michael Flynn

Tell us about it.

Just remembered… anyone who liked “the Time Machine” by HG Wells should read “The Time Ships” by Steven Baxter. It’s a continuation of the Time Machine story where Wells left off. And it’s probably ten times longer. Good though.

My favourite novel would have to be: “Terry Pratchett, The Colour Of Magic, Discworld”

Excellent humourus novel, I just love it. :smiley:

I usually don’t like Stephen King, but his seven part Dark Tower series is great. The latest book of the series, part 5, I’ve read “Wolves Of Calla” was a real page turner. I’m waiting whit anticipation our local library to get the last two parts of the series.

And then there always is the books of good ol’ J.R.R.T.

I also like Terry Pratchett’s, Neil Gaiman’s, Alan Moore’s and Robin Hobb’s novels.

space chronicals by cs lewis

and curious george cause the monkeys awesome

Lord of the Rings, a bunch of books by Orson Scott Card (Enders Game, The Worthing Saga, and that series, The Tales of Alvin Maker… or whatever its called). My current favorite books, are anything in “The Dragonriders Of Pern” series by Anne McCaffrey, cool stuff.

lol, yeah, i just found a few of those in a closet the other day, pretty funny :smiley:

I don’t remember the name of it but it was a Fantasy book serie about Dragoniers (think they’re called that in english), Clerks and The Queen Of Darkness. Then there came another serie of it but ten they had gone back in time and the wizard became evil when they had defeated The Queen Of Darkness. I think the main characters was five or something. Thet was great books. They were about 10 books and they were so good that I read them all in 10 weeks.

I don’t read (I think it sucks)… EXCEPT when it comes to the discworld novels.

I spend most of my time reading and my favourite series of books ever (and I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it yet) Is the Ender Saga. My favourite is probably the second novel, Speaker for the dead but I recomend them all to anybody very strongly and I think you will like them even if you don’t ordinarily like reading.

Hm hm hm, here comes the critisism. Anyway I liked Stephen King’s the Storm of the Century, very creepy, never read Dark Tower series but always heard how good it was. I can’t wait to read the Da Vinci code, I heard it’s really great but don’t have much details about it. Edgar Allen Poe is good as well. I personally am going to read The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy.