Great friend!!!!

In tribute to my great friend Chirpsalot,
I hope that you can comment more this image!
Remember that it is not just a cube and a sphere! Lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

For those who do not know of my history and the chirpsalot can see here when he began to criticize my pictures forgetting that 3d it is art and not a modeling is spectacular or whether it is simple.

I you chirpsalot as a great example for me … Where I saw that jealousy is a problem … :wink:

good image…nice layout of colors…i have two small points to make:

  1. the grass on the fore ground is overlit and prolly could do with a little more contrast imho…
  2. the strands of grass in front of the stem look kinda funny…donno why, could just be me…

and hey, i am still reading that soap opera of the thread tht u hv linked…interesting what chirpsalot actually came up with as his version of a cube and a sphere…and though i might not be the official judge of all things judgable, i think ur primitives rocked there man…thts just my opinion for all it is worth.

mushroom definitely has an interesting texture, grass is going through it though…grass needs a little bit more variety…and the ground is somewhat flat. let’s see a wireframe

You got me! :smiley:

It is not a cube or a sphere …

It was done with a circle! :smiley:

I am the man of the basic forms :wink: LOL

The grass was done with particles, without secrets… :smiley:

hmmm ya…it’s pretty much all textures…that’s a weird texture XD

The grass is really nicce, the colors are well chosen. The textures are great but don’t ask me why, I would not eat these mushrooms…


I do not! :wink:

And because when I thought to create this image was listening Infected mushroom! :wink: