Great idea for an upgrade if it doesn't already exist! - Single Object Export

My idea is make it so that I can export just the object I select. This would make it easier to reuse things I’ve made in the past without trying to find what blend file I put them in. presently to do this I would have to select the item. invert the selection. delete the inverted selection and save with a new name. What if I could just go to the object menu after selecting the item and click on save as new blender file? That would be very cool!

Or even cooler might be to make it so that you could just make blender save all of the individual parts individually as blend files. Then you could organize the assets in appropriate folders for easier reuse later.

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I totally agree to both here. Maybe it is in 2.8 ?

It’s a handy practice to save reusable assets into a single library .blend
Any time you create a mesh, node group, etc, get into the habit of opening your library file and appending the new asset to it. When you need that asset again, just hit shift+F1, navigate to the library, and all your assets are right there, searchable and sorted by asset type. Bonus points if you keep your assets.blend in the cloud.

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Much of the current limitation of storing and retrieving assets was meant to be addressed by Amber, which is/was the new asset engine being worked on for 2.8.

There hasn’t been much news regarding this ever since it was removed from being a Task (the new asset manager is considered an “Optional Target” at this point). It most likely won’t be seen for a while.

Need to try as cgCody says. So, if I have some active object(s) right now, let’s say I separate part from my spaceship, and want to save that part into “Library file” - I can do that somehow? I am not on right PC right now…