Great Inkscape video tutorials ! Check them out .

Really nice stufff is coming out of inkscape , 0.47 is the net release.

And in 0.48 we have …Animation ! ! ! :RocknRoll::ba::cool::evilgrin::p:eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift2::rolleyes::eek::o

Just wanted to thank you for a great ressource. These screencasts are awesome and I encourage everybody to check them out who is using inkscape and isn’t a full pro.

Oo… that spiro method for splines would be pretty useful in Blender too!

yep , spiro in blender mmmm…

Don’t forget about the Vectex Blender image plugin to port your vector drawings as textures! :wink:
EDIT: Oh! And of course they will NEVER pixelate…


FYI: The Vectex AVI file does not work on windows.

Also the screencast does not work on windows either.

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Also, (again).
I just tested Vectex with Blender 2.46 and it crashes. It seems like this plugin does not work and has not been updated.

Atom, this page describes how to get the codecs installed to watch the vids on windows. It includes links to the K-Lite Codec Pack and instructions on how to set it up after installation.

It is well worth it to install the codecs, I’ve been using these videos for awhile to explore more possibilities in Inkscape.