Great job...

of totally screwing up the UI in 2.5.

Details please: Saying the UI is screwed up doesn’t say much.

Also, why do you like the old UI better?

thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

seriously, where have you been for like, the past 3 months?
and i actually agree with you, i don’t like some of the UI changes.
but you don’t need to shout hate about it.

You are entitled to your opinion - but maybe you should have posted it in Off-topic instead of in News & Discussion. A criticism with little or no detail to ‘discuss’ the opinion held really doesn’t accomplish much.

FWIW, after they are done completely, you should be able to customize it to fit your own needs, even to make it more of a clone of 2.49b if you so desire.

seriously, where have you been for like, the past 3 months?

His join date shows he is one the first members of this board back in March 2002, so he probably used Blender when the UI looked like an aircraft cockpit.

What in particular don’t you like about it? I find the new arrangement and some of the hotkeys to be rather annoying, but it’s not worth making a thread over…

:slight_smile: lol

yeah, i know that.
what i was referring to was the progress of 2.50, in other words it’s been really usable for about that long.

I don’t even know where to start, and yeah, I’ve been away from blender for a while. What’s with the no right-click menu. Why can’t I add primitives from the space-bar window? Or do I have to “search” for it?
Don’t mean to be hating, but it was a shock to the system

press space bar, and in the bar with the magnifier search, type ‘add cube’ and you will adda cube - change it to name whatever primitive you want… works well for doing a lot more functions than just that though, and it remembers your recent selection.

Understood. (imagines the scene of someone suddenly opening the new Blender).

I don’t like the change to vertical panels by default… I’ve always found it easier to find stuff on the horizontal ones… I think it’s because eyes scan faster left to right. Vertical looks like it’s copying Maya (which I also use) though I preferred the original horizontal Blender layout to everything.

The good news is that if you open an older .blend file (e.g. 2.49) the panels etc are maintained.

A couple of things to note though…

CTRL+N (properties box) now has a partner CTRL+T (toolbox) and these are no longer floating boxes, but per-window panels.

The spacebar menu has been replaced with SHIFT-A, which it (as far as I know) has always been. The Spacebar was an extra (double up).

Sweet. You gotta type in what you want! So much better than a couple of mouse clicks. Helps to slow down the workflow, too. You gotta love that, right?

No you don’t… read my post (above)… it’s SHIFT-A.

I don’t like either new 25 interface. I think it is not compact, it is wasting precious space. And I prefer the old non antialising fonts.

Any way to remap that to the spacebar?

I missed the Shift-A option - I just learned how to get around like a new app, just seeing what I could learn without reading up and it was a quick turnover. I got past the point of the usual curve in about a half hour, and I now prefer the new ui in general. I like the search function because it isn’t limited to the add menu - it connects me to the whole of Blender in a simple little field.

Just like Lancer said - read his whole post, he gave you a lot of hints to get where you would like to be. I suppose you could just load a 2.49b file and save it as your 2.5 default :slight_smile:

Any way to remap that to the spacebar?

I think there are hints to keymapping in the 2.5 update thread

The spacebar menu has been replaced with SHIFT-A, which it (as far as I know) has always been. The Spacebar was an extra (double up).
Ah, what the hell…I might as well contribute something more than a pic. I agree that Blender has always been this way…but most people consider the spacebar to be the primary shortcut to the toolbox, with shift+a being an added bonus. The spacebar is the biggest key, and should be tied to the most used menu there is (The toolbox).

It’s lunacy to change something so fundamental to Blender. Dev’s please change it back.

And why on earth would you use the spacebar for the search tool anyway?

Well. I’d love to have the “spacebar toobox” back + with the search bar, that’d be a good combo.

And as for the menues, well, I’m not too fond of the new UI either…text based icons…shudder :spin:

But the GOOD thing about the new UI changes, are that they’re now Python based, meaning you don’t have to hard-code the Blender menus anymore if you want any changes.

I somehow hope that goes for graphics in menus too, because one day - either I or someone else WILL at some point make our own menu system, Blender is too much of a great software to live with a hackish “text based” oversize icon system, but now thanks to the DEVS - the UI should be relatively flexible in comparison to before.

:smiley: Because “spacebar” and “search” both start with “s”
:smiley: When one of the side springs break, spacebar works like a big catapult, able to shoot breadcrumbs at random places on the screen, which is kind of like search in the “pot luck” sense when you really think about it.
:smiley: To give the poor spacebar a break from the hammering it’s got in previous versions.
:smiley: Because the “G” key is already taken by something else.
:smiley: Because it’s not what you were expecting (nor is it the same as last time).
:smiley: I’m sure those clever developers can think of more.

Actually, I kind of miss the spacebar menu as well. :no:

Yeah, but it’s a bit convoluted. There may be a better way, but this works. download this file:

Extract the .py file and place it anywhere. Then in Blender change a window to a text editor. Go to Text >> Open, then browse to the .py file. When you have the py file open run the script. It will appear to do nothing, but don’t worry. That’s it for the text editor.

Next go to user preferences, then browse to the Input section. You should see a box that says configuration: Blender. Click in the box, and you should see a new option called blender classic. Select it then hit ‘save as default’ That should do it.

Also. the default interface setup in alpha 0 is sloppy…buttons too big…bad button placement…abrasive colour scheme in some areas of the ui and so on…maybe you can try my default setup, which I think is a lot more professional looking:

Unzip to your .blender directory. Don’t forget to backup if you need to!