Great new vector program.

Hi,there is a new vector program in Beta release now. I have been testing it al week and it is just amazing how fluid this works. Mind you its Mac only and part of a suite of other programs to be released.
It’s really worth checking out.


Its nice a affordable, however drawing tools aren’t there just yet. They are as basic as can be.

Huh, another competitor. It looks really interesting, particularly for drawing, and it seems pretty fast from playing around with it. I wish the UI was a little cleaner though, it seems to borrow some of the more negative UI aspects from Adobe Creative Suite.

Well you haven’t checked really well.Try the different shapes and play around with the nodes tool.You can get nice results very quickly.Mind you its in beta and a lot of the features aren’t there yet but will be in the final release.Also check their forum you get good answers from the developers.


I have checked pretty well. Nodes tool = anchors tool of Illustrator or Freehand or Xara. Where are other shape modification tools like Reshape or something in line with Pathscribe/Vectorscribe. Why make a new vector drawing program and stay with tools of the 90s.

You can’t even continue/redraw a drawn path like in Illustrator.

Beta or not, how a project starts shows its future potential IMHO.

Well i don’t have Illustrator anymore so i can’t compare but I can continue drawing a curve after i stop.

Never the less it looks promising.


I tried to continue a last curve drawn with the pencil tool (not the path tool) and it just draws another unconnected curve. Also in most programs you can redraw a part of the curve by starting and ending on existing curve.

Just to end on the positive note, the way they combined vector/raster is pretty interesting. I will probably buy the program if it lives up to promises of compatibility with illustrator/photoshop. Just because I regularly receive such files and need to load/process them further and the cc cloud is a deal breaker for me with Adobe.

only for mac users alas