Found a great freeware music composer. Its a little hard to wrap ur head around but makes great music


There’s a more recent version on its homepage:

I tried it once, a long time ago, but gave up after about an hour.
I wish they posted a changelog (they release new versions without announcing them).

danke, german thank u

Damnit, I just bought FL studio express and Cubase SE too…could’ve saved a little money then again that doesn’t come with some of the nifty features I want. :smiley: Good find though!

yeah just thought i would tell the world (or at least blender world) :wink:

The installation was horribly slow!

yeah the inintial installation is but the software is great

You might find something you like in this thread:

I honestly prefer tracking to midi composing.

Install is done and WOW, IT’S GREAT!!! :smiley:


another good software for creating action music is Tuareg 2

There is a free ware mode and a full mode free ware is fine for waht blenderers use it for

Here is the link

sound effects (old ones 1995 they are still good)1.3 is complete and free but OLD

this is waht i prefer hope u like it

That’s really neat, I prefer the piano.

srry bad wording i prefer using all of those in combination

If that’s anvil, I have been using it for years. great for doing midi related stuff, and the wav designer is good for making some sounds.