Great script to use for Game Engine....¿But how do I use it?

I just read about this great script for getting the radiosity into the game engine of Blender. It should make the games look awesome…

The link is:

I’m freshmeat in the world of Blender, so I will ask: ¿what is Bake?.. ¿who do I use this script? ( I think ALT+P will not work)

I know some of you are really good programmers of Blender scripts, and you could help improve this great plugin.

Bye for now, and sorry if my writing is bad (I live in south america, so speak and write in spanish all day).

that thread has the instructions

they are pretty weird, you use the script to subdivide the mesh
then you use it to do the radio calc [which will not subdivide the mesh]
then you use it to bake a texture

personally, I don’t like how the script works [I’d prefer a more generic resotore UV and stuff to high poly mesh], and I also have the same issue with it’s baking of textures I have with jms’s texture baking script
[I [ranted]( about that last part on]

I have tried to work on a script which will do what I want [restore uv coords to highpoly mesh] but I haven’t been able to get the math to work out yet.