great suggestion! so we dont have to memorize all the shortcuts!!!

i think blender should sell keyboard stickers so begginers dont have to memorize all the shortcuts…like these

now THAT is an excellent idea!
This way, people wouldn’t have to print out the blender shortcut keyboard map and pin it up somewhere close by.

i already sent an email to blender but i dont think they will listen to a 15 year old…

I didn’t even know that was available. Thanks for the indirect help. :smiley:

you could make one yourself XD

thats what open source is about =/


(more characters needed.)

blender relies on too many shorcuts

No it does not. Blender suffers from the fact that not all functionality is accessible through menus and buttons but it definetly does not suffer from too many shortcuts. On the contrary I’d love to have even more shortcuts but with supposed refactoring for 2.5 we should be capable of assigning the missing ones.

Great product. Looks cool too :wink:

Just don’t tell them your age, and they will consider your idea by its merit. Simple as that.

Oh again a great idea for the Blender uses who dont make anything with Blender. :slight_smile:
(You will remember all shortcuts if you use Blender.)


I think it’s a quite good idea. Personally I learned the hotkeys slowly and painfully by searching the functions through the menus and buttons while modeling and trying to memorize the keys in the tooltips. I also learned some from different hotkey lists, but I think the most efficient way to memorize the keys is to have right in front of you on your keyboard while working with your projects. I guess I could do some printable maps for gluing on the keyboard, but a readymade sticker sheet would be much more practical and I think many people would actually buy one. It gives your keyboard a little personality too, doesn’t it?