Great White(coming along)


I have been working on this shark for the past couple of weeks. The mesh took me less than a day but the mapping is taking me the most time. That and I am in the middle of moving so time is sparse. Let me know what areas of the shark you think need to be improved. I want to finish him before I start my scene. Also, any ideas for a good scene are appreciated as I haven’t really thought about it much yet.


add more teeth! i can see 1 row, they have like 3. also, i think he should be longer, though it might just be the view. everything else is great. great job on the texture! i think it should be more obvious it has eyes. right now, it looks like it has 2 black holes in his head…

the bottom half of the back fin is not white but grey and i think the over all shape needs some work but it´s coming along nicely

Sharks have some kind of nostrils(?) and it seems you forget them.

The texture on the top of his body (that seems due to the ligth in the water) is maybe a little strange, it creates patterns that are a little too thick imho.
Appart from that, this is a very great job :smiley:

Well, it certainly passes the “instant recognition test” in the sense that your eyes at-first-glance accept the image and tell you to get the hell out of the water! :slight_smile: Good job.

My eyes pretty much understand that the mottled pattern is caused by the ripples in the water just over this brute’s head. It works, and it neatly covers a multitude of sins.


  • Added another row of teeth though you can’t really see them to well with the mouth almost closed.
  • Fixed the color on the bottom half of the fin.
  • Tried to fake nostrils with minimal success.
  • changed the lamp stencil to look a little smoother and less muttled.

Thank you all for your advice. It kind of sucks that I have already set up a good map because now I don’t want to change the mesh around too much. Oh well, live and learn right. Perhaps now that I have internet again next time I will use more than a side view black and white reference drawing 8).

It’s coming along very nicely. Are we going to see any of those algea suckers later on?

Looks great overall!

Now onto the crits:

  • At first glance the shark appears to have four eyes! The nostrils need to have a little more shape to them.
  • The eyes need to be just a little bit cloudy (greyish). Right now they seem more like holes. Add a little bit of roundness to the eyeball. It shouldn’t be flat (or appear flat).
  • more teeth, more teeth, more teeth… I think you’ve added more but, maybe they need to be bigger or just wider. Right now he looks more like a vegetarian than a meat-eater.
  • the corners of the mouth are too smooth and perfect.
  • the water environment looks good now but, it needs more depth and life. The ocean is teeming with all sorts of tiny creatures floating around.

Do a Google IMAGES search and you’ll find tons of reference images! :smiley:

Google keywords:
great white
shark eye
shark mouth

Check these out:
click on Creating Water

yes, i would suggest giving it the abbility to see and a shark has 3rows of teeth witch make a total of a fairly nuber of 3000 to 3200 teeth (lot more the humans eh?) now you can either count them and put the in one by one, or give it an extra row (making it four in my text, you have to add two more). i suggest the latter.

soure and info:

Ok, I made a remora to attach to our sharky friend(thanks for the idea streen!). Nothing spectacular because it is going to be quite small. Next I hope to get back to work on the lower mouth of the shark. That is where the real problem lies when I look at reference pictures. Kernod and HIX, thanks for the help. I will tackle your crits next.


Shark with Remoras:

very nice! how long did it take you to model the remoras?

It didn’t take me too long to model, I went overboard on the bump mapping so that took a good portion of the week. Which was silly of me since you can’t even see it with the low light and small shape.

I’m not entirely sure but the remoras usually position themselves around the gills and anus or close to the mouth so they easily can snatch food leftovers from the sharks feeding. Just a thought…

And the teeth still needs work, they look…to nice :slight_smile:

That is true litterate,

But I have seen several pictures of remoras on fins and bellies. They are quite an amazing creature.

I guess that I will probably place the bigger one in the better position.

I am planning on working on the teeth next…hopefully it will fill a big gap with this fella :slight_smile:

Started working on the teeth and gums, I think this is an improvement

Small improvements throughout the day, added some particulates and improved the background a little while improving the gums just a touch.

The gums and teeth really are a great improvement. The ‘problem’ i see is that the shark looks much too friendly.

I think this could be corrected by making the mouth less wide. Not more closed, but the corners of the mouth should be further in front. But only slightly.
And the mouth could be more slanted instead of horizontal. (The front tipped down)

I haven’t studied any reference images but are you trying to do a realistic shark, or a fierce-looking shark? If you want a fierce shark a few sketches would probably help to find out how it looks best.

I think the caustics could be a little brighter. Right now, they kinda look like spray paint or something…

I have to say, though, the overall texture and material is really looking good. Would you mind sharing your settings?

I stand corrected :). The gums are a great improvement. I wonder about the gills though. Aren’t they a little soft around the edges?

That’s what you needed! The teeth make the difference! Great job!!!