Great White

A project I did to practice sculpting animals. There are probably all kinds of problems in the final scene,
I just wanted to recreate that scary underwater vibe… the water scene was rendered in Cycles,
the rest is Eevee :slight_smile:

A breakdown of this scene can be found at Blendernation


Whoa, dude this is awesome. I have been scuba diving, and believe it or not, this looks pretty legit. What I mean by that is the light refraction. You probably wouldnt be getting so close to a great white shark like this, lol. Unless you are shark diving.

Sweet render. Keep it up!

Really nice work! Modeling and details are great! My only concern is the displacement/normal looks a little too strong and creates the appearance in the render that the shark is made of stone.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you for the feature Bart! :slight_smile:

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