Greater Freedom, a technical discussion

Simple introduction about myself, my name Azahari, I have art diploma and I’m currently pursuing a robotics degree. For me pursuing robotics makes me feel freer, knowing that with better technology, especially better robotics, my life can be better, freer. AEROBOT is a concept that I made, which I believe, could provide Greater Freedom to all people.

Technically there’s nothing stopping something like this from existing.

The key ingredient for AEROBOT,

  1. DJI phantom drone
  2. Google Pixel smartphone
  3. Dobot robot arm
  4. Google play store.

AEROBOT works like an Android Smartphone. To make AEROBOT do something, such as making breakfast, simply download an APP. It is that simple. Smartphone APP store market is what made Smartphones, works, works for you. The same APP marketplace can be done for Robotics.

Thus let’s discuss technical challenges and solutions that would give humanity Greater Freedom.

What’s next? A google-grocerie’s store?
Is a good idea, but will requires lots of machine learning, OpenCV, etc.

IBM’s been teaching their Watson AI to cook its own meals, though it will probably be a while before a robotic cooking unit is widespread in homes.

Though while technology is nice to have, it may actually cause humanity to progressively lose skill and become fully dependent on machines and apps (if they go down due to a power outage, a server crash, or a CME, you will not be able to survive very well).

Case in point is the fact that many young people today have a lot of trouble doing such basic things as mathematics without the help of Google and friends (technology should be treated as a convenience and we must be careful not to allow our brains to waste away due to heavy use of it).

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”, Fresh from the farm, factory, no preservation require.
There are 7 Billion people on Earth, 3 billion people live in poverty, That’s a lot of people that can teach machines how to learn.

Apps, Apps, Apps, is the main Strategy to make more Robotics more useful in everyday human lives. It’s what revolutionize Smartphones, made it useful. It can do the same for robotics. Thus more people will contribute to Machine Learning, OpenCV, making it Great, Greater.

Android Smartphones + Robot Arms + Lots of Creative People = Greater Freedom

Expanding Android Smartphones business model to Robotics, It’s already called android, now it needs an android body.

Why you hate Freedom? Why do you want to be a slave, picking vegetables, hunt animals with your bare hand to survive? Even this guy know the necessities of technology;

Fact: Technology unleashes human brain from repetitive jobs, reduce brain wastage for billions. End the Freedom-Hating mentality, master technology and unleash your Brain!

you should focus your efforts on recycling and 3d printing robotics at home and all the machines required to recycle and print…

and design them all to be 3d printed at home*

you are working on C, we need step A.

‘viral tech’ is what you are looking for*

This is step A. Greater Freedom, a technical discussion. Do you like Freedom? Do you hate Freedom? What does Freedom mean to you? Do you need more freedom? If you like more freedom, How are you working to get more freedom? What technology do you use in achieving more freedom in your life? feel free to share with those who seeks more freedom.

AEROBOT, it can unleash more freedom for your life, it’s easy to build. Want One?


you are looking at a thing,

I am looking at system to make things out of other broken things**

Solar gasifiers,

solar thermoelectric generators,


etc, all need to happen, not just 1 type of drone*

It’s an Android smartphone, that can fly and pick stuff. Make your life Freer with Apps. One thing that can make so many things. It’s more than a drone, it’s a marketplace of ideas where people trade and make life better. That’s a lot of things.

With that, would you feel freer to invent Solar-electric generator that would last hundreds of year, giving you lifetime of free electricity? Would you simply say yes? or Would you be entangled by nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert struggle into freedom?

I am not the bad here man. I am only saying some of the requied tech. Also, you need(for the Open CV) a good data source, and a good programming criteria. For example, the data should not be exactly, if you do it, you create bubles which locks the system to a good response because the production inputs will be out of the range.

Sorry for my english

We choose to build a true Robot in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win. Freedom for All.

Why you thought you’re the “bad here man”. Perhaps you thought that Complexity scares people. Fear not, I convert fear into excitement, it’s fuel for my creativity. I have a diploma in Art and currently pursuing Robotics degree. I don’t time to be entangled in fear. Fear is my breakfast, I crushed it with teeth every morning.

Back to OpenCV, I based my comprehension of OpenCV on Google Pixel. Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Processor, 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM Memory, 32 GB or 128 GB Storage, 12.3 MP rear camera with f/2.0 lens and IR laser-assisted autofocus, 8 MP front camera with f/2.4 lens, 2,770 mAH (Pixel); 3,450 mAH (Pixel XL) Battery

So to make OpenCV easy for everyone, I locked it to Google Pixel smartphone specs, the phone looks beautiful and it doesn’t scare people and It’s a phone, it can make calls, take pictures, play games. Fun. Attach robot arm it and it’d be a powerful robot.

Let’s turn the limitation into something fun, never let hardware limitations limit programming possibilities. A billion smartphones is still a billion smartphones. Talking about bubbles, locks, out of range, etc. A solution, more smartphones. You would argue things aren’t that easy, it should. Arguing about things are hard gets nothing done. Let’s argue about getting things easier, thus achieving Greater Freedom.

You seem to use that word a lot. I’m not quite sure it means what you think it means. Freedom isn’t some generic buzzword you can use to spice up and “improve” whatever it is you’re trying to promote here. Please feel free to tell me exactly what you think that word means and how it applies here.

You could at least be helpful and share your definition freedom. Freedom from hunger, sickness, natural disaster, pain & suffering and my proposed solution are robotics. So what’s your definition of Freedom and how would achieve it?

Definitions aren’t subjective or an opinion. You can’t just make up alternative meanings to words whenever you feel like it.

From Google:

You’re dodging the question, so let me restate it. If you were to look up freedom in a dictionary, what would you expect to see? For somebody with a diploma in art and pursuing a robotics degree (as you stated twice), such a question shouldn’t be too difficult for you to answer.

Not sure I agree that a flying drone with an arm equates to freedom. Using the apple picking example - after all the apples on the outer parts of the tree are picked by people with drones, I would have to download the tree-trimmer app so that the flying drone can get to the good apples, that’s assuming I have connectivity in the orchard and that someone has written a tree trimmer app that compatible with my version of the os… While waiting for the app to download and analyze the tree, a guy with no phone, no drone, just walks up and picks a nice apple and takes a bite.

I think the guy without all the technology here is more free.

Also - a flying drone would not do to well if I wanted French Toast with a light dusting of powdered sugar on it.

Being Cynical eh? Then How about this, “Why need Robots, we can simply legalize Slavery”. The only thing preventing slavery from coming back is technology. We are free because we have technology.
Not accusing anyone, just trying to make point, “why you want to bring back slavery?”, “why you hate freedom?”.

Having all of humanity’s work done with a drone with an arm attached to it also presents numerous technical challenges that we currently don’t have sufficient off-the-shelf technology for.

For instance, the longstanding issue of trying to make a robot with greater weightlifting and pulling capability than a human (when you find out how hard it is to make strong artificial muscles for a robot that moves on the ground, how much more difficult would it then be to do the same for a bot that cannot use said ground as leverage)? This doesn’t even cover the issue of ensuring that the drone can produce enough lift or thrust to stay in the air after it picks up something. A single apple may not be that heavy, now see if you can get a drone to pick and deliver a watermelon.

This isn’t because I ‘hate freedom’, it’s because such technology is often far more complex than it seems once you discover all of the factors intertwined in it (it’s definitely not something that a person can do in his garage over a weekend). The simple truth is that this involves more than just AI and object recognition.

Honestly, I don’t even understand why any of us are still bothering with this person or even taking him seriously. At this point, I’m not sure if this is just elaborate trolling or some sort of advanced performance art.

He spouts random nonsense about “freedom” without being able to explain what freedom actually means, and hopes to accomplish and solve the world’s problems with it via “technology”, which in his eyes is basically a glorified remote control helicopter with arms. Solid plan, A+ for foresight.

Freedom through technology is when we all collaberate and it benefits us all.

(something like blender)

Unless people can “itterate the design of their life” using only power and a finite amount of resources, this effort will be damaging to the planet.

3d print ideas made collaberating online, test, recycle 3d print again (perfect things over time)

We need a system to allow everyone the luxury of the time, materials, and energy for such an endeavor.

Viral tech is the only way to solve.

(re cycling machines designed to be 3d printed, are 3d printed by 3d printers designed to be 3d printed, made with energy harvested by devices designed to be 3d printed from recycling)

“the new world will be 3d printed from the bones of the old”

Successful people, overcomes negativity, challenges, hardships, and complexity. Positivity Power! Get two drones to pick it up. Brain Power!!! Complexity be damn, I want muh FREEDOM.

Please pardon my way of speaking. I’m was trying to lighten up the discussion. Have some positivity and feel free to be constructive and I’m sorry for mistakenly thought that you hate freedom. Trash talk at challenges won’t solve it. Solutions solve.

Here some actual videos about drones that have robot arm.

Drone = step 10

Everyone affording drone = step 1