Greatest band of all time new and improved

Ok well my first finished work. C&C is welcome but most likely Im not changing a thing.

Please dont flame me if you dont like aerosmith. Its just my opinion.

Nice man!! :smiley: And yes Aerosmith r0x your s0x!!!

I’d suggest some texturing and some better lighting, then it would be really cool! 8)

Cant seem to get the lighting right :frowning: . Ill keep working on it. I did make the letters more defined.

Wow, nice job, did u model that font?

If I am understanding you right yes. I didnt come up with it though if thats what you mean.

Hmm it looks like you have buffer shadows turned on. Try raytracing - it’ll give you proper shadows.

To turn on raytracing:

  1. Select lamp, hit the materials button, and then the lights button.
  2. Click “Ray Shado”

Rinse, lather, and repeat for all lamps in the scene. Once finished, go to rendering buttons and click “Ray”. Then render away! :wink:

Nice modelling. The second version is difficult to read though. Might adjust the lighting for that.

Ok well Im having a little problem none of the shadows seem to work right.

with ray

with buff

no shado

Hope someone can help. :frowning:

In this case, buffered shadows look best (OSA turned on max?). Unless you’re going to make it mirrored or something, no need for raytracing IMO.

I do think you should zoom in… you don’t even need to move the camera, in the edit buttons you can adjust camera zoom. There’s no need for all of the wasted space around the actual logo.

osa is all the way up. Does anyone know why the buff shadow wont cast on the lower plane?

The material needs to be set to accept shadows… maybe you accidentally disabled it?

Well not really but heres the update. I dont know why the lower plane was allowing shadows it had the same material as the walls but oh well its working now.

It might look good to move it away from the wall and position it so you can read Aerosmith in the shadow.

Is this what you are talking about.

Yes, but what took you so long. :wink:

Might need to move the shadow light to get a clear shadow of the “Ae”

Are you going to work on a vinly record for a base?

actually what I was thinking about doing later is putting it on a plack(sp) on a wall and having all the gold and platinum records aroung it. Im not sure yet though I do like the vinyl base idea too. Never really thought the scene out just the idea came to me this morning so I did it.

Ok this is the best I could get the ae to look. Sorry its taking my so long but I’m like working on two projects plus this one so Im going crazy :). Anyway here it is:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not a “Work in Progress”?

No because all the modeling is done all Ive been doing is adjusting the lighting. In reality everything is always a wip because their is always some room for improvement.