Greatest Device Ever Created!!

C&C Please :smiley:

good modelling there. the red buttons don’t look as good as the others, and something bugs me about the flat greyness of the body.

whatever posessed you to make that?

Some ask why, I ask why not :expressionless:

The model is good so far. But use more lights to avoid the unnatural shadows at the front side. What about a Table it is lying on? I think it is a nice camera perspective for a stylish pic.

It needs a table under it and some good lighting. That’s all. The model’s nice, though.

Here is an update C&C if you wouldn’t mind (note have not put any material on lamp shade or done anything with lighting or background yet obviously) :slight_smile:

cool, but you desperatley need shadows. make sure your lamps are spots and you have “shadows” switched on in render buttons (f12)

…and now beside the remote control, you need a nice fizzy glass of cola, or beer, or bowl of pretzels or something, or a copy of TVGuide…

its got potential, i think it would be sick, if you expanded (greatly) and changed that remote into just a foreground object, and made a whole thing going on behind it