Greatest gamemaker in BGE

I want to list the best programmer in BGE

You can list what I don’t have here


You can also add Krum - Battle Arena, which is currently in development


Actually now as I’ve read carefully what you’ve written.
For me personally the best BGE programmer or at least with most contribution to BGE is lordloki76

Best games made for BGE - games made by haidme.

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I want to be modest but I’m pretty good. However I barely make any finished games other than those for BGMC but I started making a nice looking game last year:


hmmm intriguing…

There have been too many to list, too many to remember, but among them these stand out to me:

@Social For a clarity of thought that I’ve never seen since.

@martinsh (Martins Upitis) for all kinds of shader-magic and code wizardry.

@BluePrintRandom For trying to accomplish, and accomplishing extremely difficult things, and as far as I remember never giving up.

@Daedalus_MDW For lots of examples and an enduring willingness to teach others.

I know there are many more, but I can’t remember them.


@HG1 is a shader wizard.

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hmmm why use this tile?

the question to the title is very easy and a lot of ppl will agree @haidme power!!!
i mean he is the one who actually create real games and publish them! (on steam!)