Greatest Tutorials

Hey guys, I am kind of new to blender and have found that tutorials have been better than anything. Anyways, I was wonder if we should start a thread that tells of our favorite tutorials. Not just stupid ones, indepth and resourceful. Thanks.

Here is mine:

The reason why I love these tutorials so much is because of the depth. He shows you how, and then you can download videos to see if you even want to achieve what he has done.


Hi 3dak! Agree Cogs tuts are great but this is the Finished Projects section. Try posting in Blender General. Also I believe the search function is working again = there are threads with peoples favourite tuts :wink:

Yeah I agree we need a tread like this, any way I love that ocean tut on the cogfilms tut.

I wanted to hit the “report bad post” button already, till I found that it can only be used for heavy abuse :slight_smile:
Anyway, the mods should move this.

i’m not at home but to me Cogfilms and Joan of Arc belong to the very best.
There’s a tut sticky out there, I’m sure you can find them all over there.

Greybeard’s video tutorials:

Here is mine: funny, I seem to own that site…

Oh well I gotta advertise.