Greatness will find you

Hey, this was my entry into Blenderguru’s latest photorealism competition. It isn’t as photorealistic as I hoped but I had a lot of fun with this project.
High res -

Blender Cycles
Post pro-Gimp

I think there should be more translucency to the caterpillar, have you tried SSS? Other than that minor point excellent render! :smiley:

Thanks UKNOWHO! No, I didn’t get a chance to experiment with SSS, but I agree it would have made an improvement. Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

The leaf could use some transparency as well. Looks like concrete. But pretty good overall.

Love that charming piece. The lighting, modelling and texturing are great.
I specially like the butterfly wings shader.
I agree that the leaf is to opaque but the image looks great overall!

+1 on what’s been said. I really like the concept. Well done.

Thanks for the comments and critique guys, really appreciate it :). I totally agree with your comments on the density of the leaf, I knew there was something that didn’t look quite right :smiley: An aspect I can keep in mind to improve my future projects.

I love this image!! :yes: The textures are so detailed, as well as the models! Great job :wink: