GREDOR - Open World RPG - working Inventory and more

Hey everyone,

I´m working on a Diblo type RPG mixed with Skyrim,in the Blender Game Engine called GREDOR
Here´s what I´ve done so far:

-working Inventory script, can be adjusted easily
-crafting, currently WIP
-forging WIP
-Fighting system, soon adding abilities and spells
-many Items (dagger, axes, shields, swords, raw materials, COOKIES!!)

Here´s a short video showcasing the most important features:

The inventory is based on an csv table, which means new items can be added in the matter of seconds.
Items stack up and can be moved around in the inventory (just like minecraft).

The story is not really evolved, but will be added when the gameplay elements are done.

Would love to get some replies from you :smiley:

Nice work…keep up… How did the custom cursor is always at the top , I’m trying to do an inventory of point and click adventure game but when I bring inventory(I-on keyboard for example) and got inventory in another scene so the custom cursor is hidden under the inventory
For example, shifting scenes - it matter?

I actually had this problem too and couldn’t find a proper solution for it, so i just made one scene for the HUD and inventory and everything thats overlay, and when you press I the Inventory simply moves 20 units up (out of the camera) or 20 units down, so back in the view, and the cursor is in the same scene but on the top of the Inventory and HUD.

Nice work! I see you’ve implemented even item stacking. The logic is there, the game seems quite functional. I suggest you to stop with programming and do some art. Detailed dungeons and characters, pretty interface…etc. That’s what I’m doing with my game, jump from the one side of it, to the other…you’ll be more productive that way…it works for me at least.
Keep up the good work.

This looks great!
How do you plan on handling combat? Hack-n-slash like Diablo or maybe more tactics-based like Neverwinter Nights?
It would be cool to see Skyrim (Elder Scrolls) style skill system working in a game like this, rather than the ‘superpower’ style skill tree the later Diablo games use.
How about level design. Procedural? Hand-crafted? A mixture of both?

I want to see more :smiley:

It’s looking more like The Legend of Zelda.Pretty cool.

Excellente job! Looks good. I like the inventory and I wanna tutorial for it:D Best way in Blender Game Engine and Unity 3D 5 too:D

@haidme You’ve got a paoint, but still, the logic for the crafting, ability, leveling, etc isn’t complete or isn’t even in the planning phase yet, so i will be focussing on that. I’m not so good at Art concepts anyway, but I’ve got somebody doing that for me, he just hasn’t got time at the moment.

@Nines Skyrim levelling? Yes. That was one of the major points from this game.
I’m not 100% sure about the fighting system yet, it should be skill based, but not so dependent on active abilities like D3 for example.

@Lucas15 Thanks :smiley:

@adriansneltlis There may be something coming up in the future together with blender render sky :smiley:

nice work otto001, not big fan of rpg myself but this game looks to be an interesting blender game…

Wow this game is looking very promising! I love the character design! Keep up the great work!!! :slight_smile:

Looking good. I’m working on a castle / dungeon builder set myself, which you might find interesting to have a look at while you are making more complex dungeons. I thought really hard about how to build a modular set making dungeon and castle building simple. There’s a lot to it, and I had to start over a lot. Feel free to ask me questions if the need should arise. Architecture can get complex. You can PM me, or email me through the site.


I’ve got a basic set published, but round towers, lots of vaulting, props etc are coming soon. I’ll be following.

One small critique at this early stage: Great looking character, but he seems perpetually exhausted. I’d recommend reducing the shoulder movement. I see that he’s breathing, but he looks like he just fought a battle on a mountain side, which he looks entirely capable of doing!

I’m sorry, but the chgaracter will be removed soon, because ist a almost 1 to 1 copy from diablo3 (The Babarian).
Next week I will finish the alpha 0.9 and I’m thinking about publishing an little Test version so you can make up your minds on your very own.

Did you model him yourself, even if you copied Diablo? He’s really nicely done.

I couldn’t find a proper download for an medival badass character anywhere, so i grabed blender, and image of the babarian and my drawing tablet and didn’t left my pc for like a week :smiley: .

How’s that character coming along?

Just saw this on blendernation (well done @otto001 ) working on an inventory system myself using only logic bricks for now. Would love to understand more how you made this. I’m also using an overlay scene, and actual 3D objects (for now) in the inventory (instances of the objects in-game).

Amazing work, keep it up! Looking foreward to see the progress.

One of the most beautifull BGE project I’ve ever seen.
Good work and good luck with this, looks really promising.

Wow, this looks great! Really inspires me to pick up my own old RPG project and do some more work on it…
Wish I had some free time. :frowning:

Well done on getting so many things functional, keep at it, I’d love to see ow it turns out.

I may be able to share some low poly monsters with you some time…

Oh Good job. Looks Great. A little post on my blog :wink: