Greeble caverns (now with 4 images)
(Didn’t use Imageshack because quality was preserved pretty good)

-Used my glow technique on both of them
-Nitpicky about lighting on the second one (tons of lamps)
-Discombobulator was main tool

More images like this are planned to come.

Hmmm, it seems like starting when I posted the High Skies image replies have practically come to a stop.

Has everyone decided to no longer care about posting their opinions on my images (too early to tell, I know)?

Nope more that your Eco greebles were real good, and that the quality of this one and the skies let’s us down a bit.

So If you wanted as comment that your previous image was better, you got it. But it’s not constructive nor can I say how to improve this one so normally I wouldn’t have posted anything.


Well considering I spent a good part of yesterday getting the lighting right for the second one, no replies at all would mean to me that effort to make sure it looked good was completely wasted.

The second one is indeed better then the first one. None the less none of both appeal to me further then being a bunch of redish discombulated cubes with a green illumination and orange spots here and there. So as a lighting exercise yea not bad. But for ME that’s where it stops, your image doesn’t take me anywhere or tells me a story.

The Eco one (indeed I didn’t leave a comment) did tell me something, the “grass” looked brittle (that I think is the best thing about it), the discombulator had produced a city that was overgrown, a plant reaching for to skies yet again brittle. The background color was almost a sunset of some sorts. They reminded me of hikes in Scotland for some reason??? The big grass came out of the ground as forced, from impact or trying to flee.

But these images don’t speak to me personally. And as it aren’t graphically stunning, again thats personal.

argh. you have to ask yourself who youre creating this stuff for… again.
did you by chance rate your own picture?

first one is better. the composition speaks much better than the second one, which has no real focus and is more a jumbled mess of lights. if you sharpened the first one and added some reference of scale it could very well become a scene. but, come on, lets see some modeling.

I think you’ve created a cool effect… but not necessarily a compositionally good piece of art. Still, it looks interesting, and has an atmosphere.

And another couple of things… when you said
Has everyone decided to no longer care about posting their opinions on my images
There really is no good reason as to why or why not you’ll get replies sometimes. For example, my recent render “sunset machine” got a much better response than I expected, and it surprised me. Then the sequal, which I thought would get at least as many replies, got very few. Unexplainable. Just thought I’d mention that…

Also, I don’t think you should feel like you did anything for no reason just because there weren’t replies. As long as you’re satisfied with your art… who cares if other people reply?:slight_smile:

(Edit: I sort of repeated what was said above, sorry. He hadn’t posted yet when I started typing)

But anyway, I think this would look prettty good if you added a main focus to the image… sort of something you’re eye is drawn to:eyebrowlift2:

I never rate my own pictures, why?

I haven’t exactly followed your posted images but from what I remember I would say that your command and understanding of Blender have definitely improved. This is a lot better than some of the other things I remember!

BTW, you shouldn’t gauge the value of your time based on how others view your efforts.
You should be enjoying Blender and if others get something from your work then all the better but, don’t hinge everything on the opinion of others. You’ll end up robbing yourself of whatever joy and sense of achievement you originally gained. Just my thoughts…

I like the second one the best. It looks like an overhead shot of a futuristic city. You could add some very subtle hints to help bring that out. Things that might suggest dwellings or transportation.

Blend on!

I like the lighting and glowish thing there. sadly, not much else. If I could choose between the two I would choose the second one because it adds a nice effect of depth in a couple spots

2 more images.
Great pieces of art of failures that deserve basement ratings, you decide. Though this is the truth, the rating dropped 1.11 points between yesterday and today, the 3 star rating it used to have was just a tease unfortunately.

For example, my recent render “sunset machine” got a much better response than I expected, and it surprised me.

A lot of my work is similar, only I often get a worse response then I thought it would get, helping to make my artwork the laughing stock of the entire world of Blender to some people.

The reason you get low ratings is because you go on and on about it as though you created the image just to get a rating. I’m tempted to rate it lowly myself because you just won’t let it go. Have fun with Blender and leave it at that.

Cyborg Dragon:

Most of the time, I have to say that I just love your images. Your last batch (this thread) is really visually stunning! However, I have to say that some of those yous do not come through, in the sense that they feel void of meaning… They would be fabulous as an illustration for some SF book, but as they are they just feel empty without some other context… L’ art pour l’ art is something that nowdays doesn’t sell that well as it used to…

What I want to say is this: first take pencil and paper and decide what you will make in Blender and then make it… not the other way around… sorry if I sound patronizing, I just feel that (an I have read it in zillion places) that this is the way to go. My experiences confirm that. Every time when I tried to make something and then impose meaning to it, results were disappointing.

I’m tempted to rate it lowly myself because you just won’t let it go.

Yep. I’ve been there and don’t that in the past. It reaches the point where no one cares about the images, they’re just watching or joining the sideshow they attract. Useful and helpful comments are a complete waste of time and effort because they’ll all be ignored, so the sideshow is really all that’s left.

Well you do notice how my images ALWAYS have the lowest ratings on the first page, ratings should be on the pictures, not the person, and if it’s rarely about the art and mainly about the person why do we even have them? This is yet another topic of time that got lower ratings then I expected, and it happens almost EVERY time.

So I conclude that some here who claim to know much about art don’t know near as much as they claim. Like when I told my father what Sago says that my work isn’t art, he simply said he’s not worth even listening to, which is why I strongly oppose his position as head of Project Peach. I personally think some here simply can’t see something good in a lot of artwork, mostly my artwork.

What do you see in these images, I saw they were good, so I called them finished, I don’t care if some don’t have a clear subject, I just like how they look.

Here’s a novel idea for you CD: next time you post a new piece DO NOT mention in any form a word rating, stars or anything else whiny about how people don’t respect you. Just take your time and see how people react, because other wise your thread will all turn into huge flame fests or “Dear Miss June” pages, where people are acting like your life coaches.

Greebe is a 3dmax word >:| ! Heheh, Those pics are nice looking, would be cool to see a camera fly in there, like a scifi… inside the computer 80’s thingy ;).

hmm i think if you added something that doesn’t fit into the scene it would help it out…hmm I say something that is metallic or bright, use contrasting colors…hmm make the objects have edges with a bright color…then it would look like Tron…

Tron would be easy to do in fact, all I would have to do is take it through an edge detection filter in the compositor and possibly blur it to make it glow. I could do it with the current images by taking them through the compositor and using that method.

hmm I say something that is metallic or bright, use contrasting colors

But also mind the fact of accidently creating something that distracts or clashes with the image. Look at these, reds in these abstracts go well with oranges, golds, and yellows. Greens go well with blues, and greens also can house some yellows without clashes.

Greebe is a 3dmax word >:| !

I use it because it’s shorter and it sounds nicer, no biggie

Now if I had red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and purple in the same image, it’s nearly impossible to use all those colors at once and make it not clash.

This is of course–in your mind–not because you are bad, but because everyone else is ignorant. How very histrionic.