Greeble Using Inset Tool

Playing around with the new inset tool. I noticed results are not so consistent with angles that are slightly off, or organic shapes, but with something like a sudivided cube it works really well. Reminds me of the wings tool.

Hello I am actually playing with the Inset tool. it looks very nice but there is one thing I find really really bad : as soon as you do an inset, you loose your selection. So when you want to do more than one inset on a multiple selection, you need to select again all the polygons. is there another way to do it ? (maybe I missed an option…) Cédric

Yeah, I noticed that as well. I guess it has to do with the adaptive topography. It would be helpful if it would reselect though, especially on multiple single faces.

i don’t get the inset installation process, i went through the steps needed to get it all done but, find nothing of the inset addon in the addon menu what am i missing please help.

It should be already in the add on menu in the latest version. Under the mesh catagory I think.

Yes,I see.This is very important.

Fun but how would I make a short cut key for the inset function?