I created a small shader that you can use to distribute random uv-rectangles over a surface. One of its use is to create greebles (random stuff like irregular hull plates etc.).

(not a brilliant render, I know :))

Documentation and code can be found in this article.


– Michel.

Woww!!! I really like your greebles script!
This can be very usefull.


I have been thinking about this kind of osl shader. thank you, it works great!

I’ve noticed that it get like an opacity effect. maybe its supposed to be like that but i just wanted to popint that out :slight_smile:

I think if you could generate geometry based on the way the underlying faces are patched would be amazing, almost like the automated retopo, but automated plate geometry.

@LeoYfver: It could be that the effect is caused by several overlapping squares with transparency. More samples and/or more transparent bounces might solve this.

@BluePrintRandom: Unfortunately the displacement option is still experimental in Cycles otherwise you could just plug it in :slight_smile: In fact I tried it but it is still quite unreliable. Creating a real mesh (as opposed to just displacing existing geometry) with random plates: there is the Discombobulator script , discussed in this thread.