Greece above Clouds (re-composited)

I tried to make a landscape/environment in a day, this is the result.
Modeled everything but the trees and grass. Took around 12-16 hours to make and 4 hours to render [2 per image]. The lighting and stuff is volumetric making render times high.

I know it has a lot of issues, but my goal was to make it in a day, and it works well enough for that.

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So, i think it looks pretty good, but I have one question…Is it supposed to look as if it is rainy/foggy or did you just try to get that “color fade” for objects in the distance? Because I have a suggestion, try to tint the fog a blue/sky blue-ish color so that it makes that atmospheric haze more realistic, take a look at this photo:

Do you see that blue haze? That is what I am talking about.

It’s supposed to be foggy and not atmosphere haze, so very white. Its like moisture and clouds are everywhere. I wanted it to look whiter as its inside clouds.

Hmm…I thought so… IDK why, but I feel like it should be like a sunny day type of scene, or maybe like a heavenly scene