greed! (crits needed please)

here is something!

crits still needed please :smiley:

i’ll start by saying this does look like a good piece of work with lots of potential, but since your begging for crits, i’m going to point out every little thing i can.
-way too much white space, move the camera twice as close to the coins
-the penny texture needs to be more visible, it doesn’t look like anything is carved into them, they just look like bronze tokens
-some slight adjustment is required on the set-up for the coins that are about to fall, some of them look like they are bending or melting, maybe a little more seperation between them will help.
thats just my 2 cents, take it or leave it. keep up the good work

LOL, how appropriate for the topic

I agreem there is too much white so zoom in. There is also too much blur/Dof effect and the coins could have more detail and texture. Other than that is a good composition and idea

tries to count the coins
Thats about my 50 cents

Nice idea. I agree with the previous crits: it needs to be zoomed more, and the penny texture could be better. The pennies look like concave discs because of the light. Continue work on this one.