Greek ancient orders

Ive been trying for some time to figure out ‘how to’ build revolving surfaces (out of a given profile) to construct eg. greek ancient column base: need quarter and semi rounds.
W/out revolving surface modifier seems hard…8-(
Also ‘canneling’ of the column surface - Blender seems hardly inaccessible to me i this matter unfortunately…

Anyone could advice ??

Example of an idea:

OR these are bad modelling habits and I should make different approach (not starting from a profile) ?

there is already a script to do that columns ect.

but not certain if can work with latest Bmesh

check out the wiki page for scripts

but should in older 2.62


Yep, got it, does not seem to work properly ( no featured menu on toolshelf) w/2.6x, besides its very rough, inaccurate to represent real greek order(any).

Have you tried to use Screw Modifier?

Looks to me like reaching ones left ear with his right hand but…seems to be that idea and works ! :slight_smile: thanx !

Technically got some doubt: better the profile has to be closed (a slice) or open mesh (a curve) ?