Greek building

Hi, ive been working on this greek building ive copied from a Asterix album. I dont know what the album is called in english, but its called Asterix aux jeux olympiques in french.

The columns are in Doric style. They are therefor different from the probably more famous columns with this spiral-like capital. They are in Ionic style. Doric is older, the albums are from about 50 bc.

And as u can see the model aint textured, and i probably wont have time either, as im leaving home and the computer for school. Just had to finish the moddeling ya know. Well ill have to see if i can squise it in… :slight_smile:

nice modelling!

only critique is that all the edge look too hard. You should bevel them…but I guess it’s a bit too late for that now :wink:


that is a nice model ! i love it!

as for beveling wait untill someone writes a feature :wink:

wow thanks guys! :stuck_out_tongue:
and getting comments from admins, hadent thought that. Cool!

And yeah, about the beveling, i must agree. im especially looking at the stairs now. with people walking at them all the time they would tear quite round. should have given it more time, like modeling each stones. that would looked great! and the building as well, would need some beveling. perfect 90 degrees stones are a bit extreme, although they shouldnt be too round. but argh, time, time! could start but wouldnt have time to finish it, i think, well ill see :slight_smile: at least i got some fun for later


Cool start :slight_smile:

You need beveling, yes, and materials too :slight_smile:


thats nice, i made the same hbuilding long time ago, but i like yours better.