Greek Orthodox Church modeling - searching for advice..

Hi everyone!

I’m a new user of blender. I get stuck. At the moment i’m here:

I made that basic geometry and i don’t know have to make it looking like that :

I mean all those details. For example, should i use normal maps for roof? Or create all tiles separately?
How would you start?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

you could try to find some image map for each of the walls ect.
and use this as textures

either you find exact image or something equivalent of good quality for texturing

in this case go with real roof tiles
there are not that many and will look more realist

good luck

happy cl

Thanks RickyBlender :wink: i really appreciate that ! Ok so i ll try to make one by one. Greetings :wink:

There’s already way too much geometry in the scene. For the most part, the surfaces are flat, and the silhouette has straight edges instead of curves. You don’t need 250k faces for that.

JA12, thanks for you reply! Btw yes you are right , now after i added some more details i had to reduce them. Thanks!